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🏆 Bryan's Elite One-on-One Coaching

$1,500.00 $8,500.00


Bryan M. Chavis's Elite Coaching Program :



🥇Elite Coaching 

👉 normally $15k

🏆Personal development 

📆 4 week Personal development program

🎯Understanding the SEOTA PROCESS 

✅ Journey and learn alongside Bryan as he guide you through this very important process of evaluating markets for investment opportunities

🎯Understand the property evaluation process

✅ Journey through this process as Bryan breaks down the key processes/systems use to evaluate apartment buildings

🎯Understand the due diligence process 

✅ Go through step-by-step each section of the due diligence process as Bryan prepares each coaching client to master this process

🎯Understand the asset Mgmt & Prop. Mgmt process

✅ Bryan teaches his coaching clients the key skill sets that will  have investors/syndicators achieving greater profits


🎯Understand the underwriting process

✅ Bryan guides his coaching clients through this very detailed demanding process of underwriting investment property by the numbers

🎯Understand the lending process

✅ Understand the key components to developing relationships with lenders from understanding The process of properly leveraging a duplex all the way to a 200 unit apartment building

🎯Understand how to create your syndication 

✅ Journey with Bryan as he teaches his coaching clients how to build their very own successful apartment syndication step by step






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