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Grow Your Real Estate Business
Learn how to make six figures using your real estate license through building a property management business!

Learn How to Buy, Sell, Lease & Manage Investment Real Estate

You can put the property management training, ideas, tools & techniques covered in The Property Management Business Development Certification to work right away . . . and you can use them for both commercial and residential real estate investments. You’ll be taken step-by-step from the beginning of the property investment cycle, learn how to develop an easy property management system, discover how to develop proven free & low-cost marketing programs to find quality tenants, obtain a lease that both you and your lender will be happy with, how to manage your property to maximize occupancy and minimize tenant problems & turnover, and understand how to intelligently add to your real estate investment portfolio as opportunities present themselves! The Property Management Business Development Certification is not some property management training filled with theory & hypothetical ideas from the classroom. Instead, what you will find revealed are real-life useful property management training ideas, case studies, tools & techniques to be used by real property investors like yourself, managing real tenants in the real world! Do you want more clients resulting in more revenue? Are you protecting yourself and your clients from unknown liabilities? Do you truly know how to think like an investor to attract investors? Whether you’re a beginning investor or a professional investor, a real estate broker, landlord, tenant, property manager or work in any real estate related field, you’ll find The Property Management Business Development Certification one of the most profitable investments you’ll make!

Here are a Few Examples of the Property Management Training You Will Learn . . . .

The Property Management Business Development Course includes section after section of property management training:

  • Study real-life property management training case studies of actual property management situations
  • Learn the 5 phases of property management: Acquisition, Implementation, Stabilization, Growth and Exit Strategy
  • How to think like an investor to speak to investors
  • Learn to do what 95% of your competition can’t or won’t do
  • Answer the question: Just because I can buy it, should I?
  • Common property viewpoints of successful investors
  • Identify the basic property product types and determine if your business philosophy matches the property you are buying
  • Be able to answer the question: Why am I really buying this property?
  • How to determine your exit strategy before you buy
  • Pros & cons of single- vs. multi-tenant property
  • Now that you own the property, what do you do with it?
  • Identify the vendors you will need for your property
  • How to find and keep reliable vendors
  • How to set-up an easy-to-use bookkeeping system
  • When to choose off-the-shelf vs. custom accounting software
  • Develop marketing programs that cost next to nothing
  • Identify the most effective marketing techniques for your specific property
  • Pros & cons of hiring a leasing broker vs. doing it yourself
  • How to create multiple marketing messages for the same property
  • Free & low-cost marketing resources and where to find them
  • Identify & target the most likely tenant prospects
  • The top qualifying questions to ask prospective tenants
  • How to think like a investor
  • How a simpler marketing message will attract more tenants
  • How to maximize tenant renewals & minimize vacancy
  • Tips on developing the most effective property management routine
  • Learn the key elements that make up an iron proof lease
  • What information to request on a tenant lease application
  • How to setup an Operations Manual with leases and other important forms
  • How to set the right tenant expectations
  • Best ways to minimize repair issues & requests
  • How to collect rent on time, every time
  • How to minimize your operating expenses
  • Determine the best ownership structure for your property
  • Identify the market practices in your area to avoid problems
  • Develop a common-sense approach to buying investment property
  • Best ways to fine-tune your property investment portfolio
  • How to make banks and investors want to lend you money
  • Best ways to deal with problem tenants
  • Answer the questions: Would I rent from me? Would I hire me?